Understanding Personality Types Diploma

 Understanding Personality Types Diploma

 The Brussels Organization for Human Rights and Development has successfully organized a training course entitled ” Understanding Personality Types” for two consecutive days at the  headquarters of the organization in Brussels, Belgium.

On Saturday,13th April, 2019, the participants in the training course entitled “Understanding Personality Types”, which has ended on Sunday, 14th April, 2019, were hosted in the training room at the headquarters of the Brussels Organization for Human Rights and Development;

In addition to the participants from Belgium, more than 30 trainees from several countries, most of them from Africa, North Africa, have participated in the training program through video conferencing and live broadcast. The Brussels Human Rights and Development Organization is keen on raising the awareness and develop the minds of the people in North Africa and the Middle East,

The aim of the training program was to work on figuring out the type of oneself personality, and the personality types of other people that surround his/her and live with them.

And to ensure that the African citizen, in particular, contributes to  building a successful and influential human personality that would have a great effect on the peacemaking process, and also contributes to the rejection of violence, extremism and the social isolation, according to scientific theories.

From the discussions conducted with the trainees within the training room or through video conferencing, we have observed a positive interaction with the subject of the course by asking questions and answering them from the lecturer about the importance of understanding the human characters in family and social life, which contributes to eliminating or reducing human differences .

 The course was basically about the identification of personal patterns, character analysis, how to create a state of social harmony, and the ability of the person to assess the actions of others and how to deal with them;

The trainees received an international European certificate accredited by the organization.

The Brussels Organization for Human Rights and Development would like to thank all participants and trainees in this training program, and we promise to continue offering more training programs and activities in the purpose of advancement, progress and advancement.