Syria: Security Council Highlights Escalating Crisis and Civilian Suffering

Najat Rochdi, UN Deputy Special Envoy for Syria, addressed the Security Council, highlighting the dire need for political solutions to resolve Syria’s escalating crisis. Rochdi described the security situation as violent and tense, with civilians living in fear due to recent airstrikes and increased ISIL attacks. Women activists face growing threats, and violence against women and girls is on the rise. She stressed that implementing resolution 2254 is crucial for sustainable solutions.

The humanitarian situation is deteriorating sharply, with millions needing unrestricted aid access. Over 174,000 Syrians were displaced last year, adding to the 7.2 million internally displaced and 6.4 million refugees. Rochdi called for intensified efforts to ensure safe and voluntary refugee returns.

Ramesh Rajasingham, Coordination Director of OCHA, reported that over half of Syria’s population faces acute food insecurity, with severe malnutrition affecting children. The UN humanitarian appeal is severely underfunded, risking further suffering. Despite these challenges, the UN and its partners have provided aid to 2.7 million people monthly, but more resources are needed to continue critical assistance.

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